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Welcome to quran_thugs!

Starting some time relatively soon, I will be reading the Holy Qur'an from beginning to end and posting a commentary on each of the 114 suras (chapters). Please read along and discuss each chapter with myself and the other members.

According to hyperform's recommendation, I will be reading the translation by Maulana Muhammad Ali, which you can see by clicking here.
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it's too bad that all the notes from the book version aren't in there. i'll try to fill in the very important ones, pertaining to his argument as to why he translated something as he did, since arabic is a very flowery language and many words can have many meanings in different contexts.

have you found that Watt book on Muhammad? My book version of the Qur'an also gives a little bit of background surrounding each chapter, which the website also unfortunately doesn't have. But I suppose if you give away everything on the website, nobody will buy your book.
The Watt book? No, I have not stepped foot in a library since you made the recommendation. It's open late on Tuesday, so maybe I can pick it up then.